My work is an exploration of finding purpose, desire, and destination in an environment of neglect and dismissal.  The loose narratives in my paintings occur in the domestic space; a place that initially provides warmth, comfort, and safety.  The emphasis on the absence of the human imparts a tone of solitude and profound loneliness that is juxtaposed with childhood memorabilia, collections, and flowers.  The sentimental value given to these motifs alludes to the absurdity in the decrepit, cold, and claustrophobic spaces.   

My process involves hiking, collection, observation, and working from memory.  Hiking is a means to connect my thoughts to the natural world and provides the opportunity to collect found objects, bones, and flowers that I bring to the studio as visual references.  When composing my paintings, I contemplate questions of how an environment shapes a choice and how the individual shapes their environment.  Ambiguity is important within my paintings because I wish to ask open ended questions that may never find their answers.